Lawmakers Speak Out on Honeybee Issue

news_views_icon“Cutting Through the Buzz: Pollinator Numbers Are Up,” By Reps. Tom Rooney and David Valadao.honeybee_photobucket_thumb
For some time now, the media has been issuing dire warnings of the coming “bee-
pocalypse.” Time magazine ran a cover story titled, “A World Without Bees.” A headline in the London Telegraph proclaimed “Honey bees in US facing extinction.” CBS warned of the drastic threat to our food supply if these essential pollinators are lost. Yet reports of bees’ catastrophic demise are greatly exaggerated. Activists with an anti-pesticide agenda have noticed the issue and are using it to call for a ban on neonicotiniod insecticides — “neonics” for short — which they claim are responsible for bee health problems. The most factual science does not support these allegations. Neither do the facts on the ground. Such a ban would damage entire sectors of U.S. agriculture and do more harm than good for bees. Despite this fact, legislation was recently introduced in Congress to prohibit this critical crop protection technology. Read more.

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