Meaningless Findings on BPA & Cash Register Receipts

news_views_icon“If You Are Scared Of BPA, JAMA Will Make You Happy,” By Hank Campbell.cash_register_receipt
Human exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) has recently been linked to negative health claims, like a decline in reproductive function in adults and stunted neurodevelopment in children, and so people consumed with the ‘natural’ fallacy have been up in arms about it. It hasn’t quite become ‘BPA causes autism’ hysteria, like they did with vaccines, but it is getting close. Naturally, companies have listened to the nocebo worries of the natural-obsessed and dutifully created BPA-free products and charged more money for them. The methodology of those claims has been suspect, though that is an article for another time (and respected chemists like Steve Hentges have dealt with it extensively) but despite the fact that the evidence isn’t there, we still get a lot of ‘you can’t prove it is safe’ assertions. And researchers aren’t dumb, they want to tackle issues that concern the public, so there are efforts to see if BPA does cause harm. I want to know too. I have been using BPA plastic all of my life and if I suffered reproductive harm from it you can bet I am writing a letter to Congress. The world needs more little versions of me running around a lot more than it needs expensive new kinds of plastic. Read More.

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