Meat and Cancer Baloney

IWF_Logo2“More Baloney About Processed Meat and Cancer,” By Julie Gunlock.bacon_butty
Watch out Paleo and low carb diet devotees—you might look good, but according to the World Health Organization, you’re going to die of cancer, like yesterday. … According to story in The Washington Post: “A research division of the World Health Organization announced on Monday that bacon, sausage and other processed meats cause cancer, and that red meat probably does, too. The report by the influential group stakes out one of the most aggressive stances against meat yet taken by a major health organization, and it is expected to face stiff criticism in the United States.” Look, this stuff has been haunting the halls of the temples to diet and health for years. Led primarily by animal rights and anti-meat groups, the theory that there’s a connection between cancer and the consumption of processed meat is nothing new. So, let’s break it down. Is there any truth to this latest alarmist claim? Read more.

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