Message to Harris Teeter: Ignore Alarmists

IWF_Logo2“Dear Harris Teeter Manager: Normal Moms Don’t Believe Chemicals Are Evil,” By Julie Gunlock.Alarm
Dear Harris Teeter Manager, I heard you got harassed the other day. I know this because last week I received an email from a group called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families (SCHF). The group’s name might not be very creative, but they are effective at reaching moms with their overwrought claims that affordable food and everyday products are destroying the earth and threatening human health. The SCHF organization casts itself as a small, grassroots collection of activists looking to make the world a better place. But in reality, the organization is a well-financed coalition of more than 200 radical environmental groups, labor unions, and businesses hoping to make life much more difficult for the average family. Read more.

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