Millions of Taxdollars Spent to Fund BPA Hysteria

atr_sm“Millions for ‘Pointless’ Research,” By Mattie Duppler.money_hundreds_150
The House and Senate are currently scheduled to be in session together only 12 days before recessing to campaign for the November elections. This gives lawmakers little time to address even the most urgent policy issues. To avert another government shutdown, however, Congress must pass legislation to authorize funding for the next fiscal year, which begins October 1. It is expected that a stopgap measure will be used to kick the issue into the lame duck, at which point members will be mollified by their reelection and distracted by the holiday recess. This practice of governing-by-stopgap has become commonplace, and is a key reason why abuses of taxpayer dollars go unscrutinized for years. Read more.

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