Misleading Prop 65 Labeling Regulations

news_views_icon“Overregulation Doesn’t Even Spare HIV Patients,” By Gregory T. Angelo.bigstock-Reality-Check-Ahead-275px
This month, the list of substances subject to California’s Proposition 65 was expanded to include Bisphenol-A (BPA), a trace ingredient in many plastics that the scientific community has deemed safe in small amounts.As with other products that include substances deemed cancer-causing under Prop. 65, products that include BPA will now have to carry a warning label stating that they are “known to the state of California to cause cancer.”… But slapping labels on anything that has even the remotest possibility of causing cancer is not good public policy. By requiring everyday goods like flip flops, umbrellas and coffee to carry a cancer warning, consumers become desensitized to real cancer risks. …This affects HIV and AIDS medications. AZT, an early and effective form of HIV/AIDS treatment, is subject to Prop. 65’s labeling requirement because it was thought to increase the risk of cancer. … Because of the cancer fear associated with this label, thousands of AIDS patients likely avoided taking medicine that could have helped them. Read more.

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