More Toxic Advice From Dr. Oz

acshlogo“Dr. Oz Magic Will Protect You From Toxic Chemicals. No it Won’t,” by American Council on Science and Health.iv_fluid_150_plastic_medical_phthalates
Always be selling seems to be the watchword on the “Dr.Oz Show,” or perhaps it should be called “The Dr.Oz Travelling Medicine Show,” given the snake-oil and related supplement junk he purveys in the guise of public health. But in order to convince as many of his star-struck viewers to buy his “Dr. Oz Diet,” he first has to scare them away from traditional fare. That’s where his new theme comes in. In a recent video and accompanying posting, entitled “The Secret Ingredient Companies Are Hiding in Your Favorite Foods,” the great and powerful Oz indicates that this “secret ingredient” — namely, phthalates — has been somehow snuck into your foods and plastic wrappings and utensils, etc., by evil corrupt food companies who don’t care about poisoning their customers to make a quick buck. Read more.

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