Nail Polish and Health

news_views_icon“Is Painting Your Nails Harming Your Health?,” By Center for Accountability in Science.nails
Earlier this week, the Environmental Working Group (an environmental activist group known for dubious science) released a new study with Duke University researchers that examined women’s levels of triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), a chemical sometimes used in nail polish. The researchers told the media women who painted their nails had “substantially higher” levels of TPHP than the general population and “These results indicate that nail polish may be an important contributor to short-term TPHP exposure.” But does TPHP exposure pose health risks? TPHP is used as both a plasticizer (to make products softer and more malleable) and a flame retardant. It’s used in small doses in some nail polishes and lots of other products. Read more.

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