“Natural” Food is Made of Chemicals

news_views_icon“‘All Natural’ Doesn’t Make Food Safer, Healthier,” By Dr. Joseph Perrone.blueberries_fruit_berries
Would you feed your kids a snack that includes ethyl ethanoate, 3-methylbutyraldehyde, butylated hydroxytoluene and linoleic acid? While many Americans would probably balk at loading up lunchboxes with these scary sounding chemicals, they’€™re actually common compounds found in blueberries. Listing off hard-to-pronounce chemicals as a reason to avoid certain foods has been the basis of campaigns by activists such as the “Food Babe,”€ to pressure companies into changing their menus. In recent weeks, restaurants and food companies including Chipotle, Papa Johns and Kraft have rushed to announce that they’€™re replacing ingredients in their foods with “natural”€ alternatives. But these moves aren’t really making their food healthier. Rather, they’€™re generating significant unwarranted media attention and creating marketing opportunities to appeal to consumers. Read more.

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