Neonics Good for Honeybees?

news_views_icon“Part I: Bee Deaths Mystery Solved? Neonicotinoids (Neonics) May Actually Help Bee Health,” By Jon Entine.honeybee_apple_blossom150
Reports that honey bees are dying in unusually high numbers has concerned many scientists, farmers and beekeepers, and gripped the public. There have been thousands of stories ricocheting across the web, citing one study or another as the definitive explanation for a mystery that most mainstream experts say is complex and not easily reducible to the kind of simplistic narrative that appeals to advocacy groups. This is part one of a two-part series that will examine this phenomenon: how complex science is reduced to ideology, how scientists and journalists often facilitate that–and its problematic impact on public policy, the environment and in this case the wondrous honey bee. Read more.

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