No Harm to Frogs from Atrazine

acshlogo“A New Study from Federal Geologists — AND Tyrone Hayes! — Shows no Frog Harm from Atrazine,” by American Council on Science and Health.frog_2_150
Look, there has never been any solid evidence at all that the most common herbicide (weed-killer) used in America — atrazine — actually harmed amphibians. On the other hand, atrazine has been estimated to have saved billions of dollars in increased corn crop yields over the many decades it’s been widely used in the corn-growing heartland. Nevertheless, since the dawn of the 21st century, a University of California professor of Integrative Biology, Tyrone Hayes, has led a one-man campaign impugning atrazine as a destroyer of frogs, allegedly causing limb deformities and hermaphroditism (ambivalent or reverse-gender sexual development) among these and other amphibians. However, he had always declined to share his experimental data, even when those data seemed, to outside objective researchers (including those at the EPA) to be contradictory or implausible.
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