No Worries about Arsenic in Wine

news_views_icon“Dangerous Levels of Arsenic in Wine? Not So Fast,” by Center for Accountability in Science.wine_150
The internet has been buzzing about a new lawsuit claiming that popular wine brands contain “extremely high levels of arsenic.” But a closer examination of the “research” behind this lawsuit and the scary headlines shows that wine lovers don’t really have much to worry about.
The plaintiffs are comparing the level of arsenic found in wine with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s limit for arsenic in water, which is seriously misleading. The EPA’s drinking water standard considers that water is consumed in high quantities, used for cooking and other purposes, and is consumed by more vulnerable populations like children. No one is drinking that same level of wine as they are water. (If they are, they have way more pressing problems than arsenic poisoning!).  Read more.

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