Non-Science: BPA and Cash Receipts

acshlogo“If This Paper Were About Science,” says Geoffrey Kabat: Purported Link Between BPA from Cash Receipts and Health Effects
By American Council on Science and Health.
466583_32876683Earlier this week, we discussed a study conducted by Frederick vom Saal, the best-known fringe anti-BPA activist posing as a scientist, attempting to link “high” levels of BPA in the blood stream and urine from the handling of thermal paper cash receipts to increased risk of serious diseases. Yet, as ACSH advisor Dr. Geoffrey Kabat points out in his op-ed in Forbes, the literature attempting to support this link is based on animal studies or studies using human data from one point in time. However, we know that BPA is rapidly metabolized and excreted in the urine and the FDA and the European Food Safety Commission, among others, have concluded that exposure to BPA at the levels found in the real world is safe. Read more.

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