Nutrition of Conventional Crops v. Organic

acshlogo“Fewer Pesticides and More Antioxidants on Organic Crops: So What?” By American Council on Science and Health.corns_ARS_150
A multi-center, international group of scientists culled the world’s literature and found several hundred studies which they then analyzed (a meta-analysis) to discern significant differences between conventionally-grown crops and organic crops (and foods made from them). They found, on average, a 17 percent higher level of “antioxidants” and a lower rate of detection of various synthetic pesticides. They also found a higher level of “toxic cadmium.” The article in the New York Times on this study by Kenneth Chang was (surprisingly) noncommittal on the health significance of this huge study, with the journalist citing several experts who registered between “so what?” and skepticism concerning its [lack of] overarching public health and nutritional significance. Read more.

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