Organic Food & Cancer Risk

news_views_icon“Organic Food Does Not Reduce Cancer Risk,” By Hank Campbell.organic_celery
Organic food has built a lot of mythology around its process – more ethical, more nutritional, fewer pesticides, a larger penis for the sons of organic shoppers – but one claim was a puzzler only subscribed to by the kind of people who buy homeopathy and healing crystals; that eating organic might reduce the risk of cancer. The premise is logical, at least for organic shoppers, if only adjacently valid scientifically. Poor diet has been correlated to increased cancer risk. And pesticides have been correlated to cancer risk. Basically, they see cancer and pesticides as a surrogate marker for each other so if there are fewer pesticides, it would mean less cancer. Unfortunately, rational people know that organic food actually does not have fewer pesticides, it instead uses toxic poison that can be found in nature. Studies have instead shown that organic food uses more pesticides than conventional food. Read more.

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