Organic Food Marketing and Homeopathy

news_views_icon“Top Organic Marketing Trustees Resign Because A Member Ridicules Homeopathy,” By Hank Campbell.organic_label_apple
Psychics, homeopaths, magic soap buyers, anti-vaccine and anti-energy people, they all share one thing in common – no, no, not the same political party (good guess, though!), they embrace organic food.
And if you don’t also embrace their giant swath of superstitious crackpottery, they might depart in a huff. Now that Big Organic is a $105 billion industry, I suspect they would like to quietly but assuredly start to distance themselves from the cranks who got them there. A key person at The Soil Association, which Andy Lewis at Quackometer notes was founded on the principles of Biodynamics and other Psychic principles (see”The Living Soil” by Eve Balfour, 1943) recently tested the waters of, you know, not saying magic water is science, and the reaction by other members of this organic food marketing group was overwhelmingly negative. Read more.

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