Organic Mom Mafia Revisited

IWF_Logo2“More on the Organic Mom Mafia,” by Julie Gunlock.boy_eat_apple
As Charlotte mentioned in her post yesterday, Naomi Schaefer Riley’s excellent piece in the New York Post exposes a new type of helicopter parent—the type that has to hover not only over their own child’s plate of food but over your child’s plate as well. Some of these women are indeed insufferable and judgmental and nervous wrecks and they about as much fun as a trip to the dentist, but there’s another group of women who, while also woefully misinformed, are honestly well-meaning and are just trying to do the best for their children. They don’t mean to be judgmental but they’re genuinely concerned that their kids are being harmed by tainted food. These women might be wasters of their own money when they buy organic food for health and safety reasons, but I have soft spot for them because it can’t be fun living in constant fear of food. Read more.

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