Organic Mommy Mob

“The Beliefs of the ‘Organic Mommy Mafia’ Are on Trial,” by American Council on Science and Health.acshlogoorganic_pepper
“‘Am I going to be an outcast?’ A friend, who recently moved to an upscale neighborhood in Madison, Wis., called me last week to ask if she would be able to make mommy friends if she continued feeding her children — gasp! — non-organic food.” This is how Naomi Schaefer Riley begins her piece in the New York Post, in which she very accurately describes the emergence of a group of parents called the “organic mommy mafia.” This phrase describes those parents who not only will exclusively feed their children organic food, but who also want to “evangelize,” other mothers, in the words of Julie Gunlock, Director of the Independent Women’s Forum Culture of Alarmism Project.  Read more.

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