Perverse Consequences of Precautionary Ban of Neonics

acshlogo“Agenda Based Precautionary Ban of Neonics Causes the Opposite of Its Intent,” by American Council on Science and Health.honeybee_apple_blossom150

British science journalist and author Matt Ridley (best known for his writings on science, the environment, and economics) has penned an op-ed published in The Times of London exposing the inanity and perverse consequences of the EU’s pet theory, The Precautionary Principle. Although some variants are less destructive and irresponsible than others, the main thrust of the PP asserts that any advance or innovation in technology must be measured against the “perfect,” or the 100 percent “safe,” no matter the effects of restricting such progress. In essence, if applied assiduously, the PP would bring all scientific — indeed all — progress to a screeching halt, as no new method is guaranteed completely without risk. And even that risk can be generated not by actual evidence, or even likelihood, but by mere concern or supposition (or, all-too-often, politics or agenda). Read more.

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