Pesticide Spraying in Dallas Warranted

“West Nile Outbreak Warrants Pest Control–Pesticide Spraying Included,” by Angela Logomasini.
This year, Texas is experiencing its worst outbreak of the mosquito-transmitted West Nile virus ever. Fortunately, most people who get it won’t suffer the severe symptoms–some won’t even notice they have been infected, and others will experience a range of flu-like symptoms. But the bad news is, some people will suffer severe, painful and even a debilitating illness with permanent neurological damage, and some will die.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks the number of cases reported around the country. Texas appears to be experiencing the worst outbreak, but the problem affects many states and the illnesses and death toll will continue well into the fall. In fact, most cases occur late summer and into late fall, so we have many months to go.

Some greens suggest that we should not bother to control the disease using pesticides, because most people are not … Read the full article on

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