Pesticides and Autism Link?

acshlogo“UC-Davis Group Links Pesticides to Autism — Without Measuring Pesticides. What?,” by American Council on Science and Health. child_blocks_150
There they go again: a group of “academics” long-devoted to finding pesticide toxicity by any means necessary has accomplished their goal! What goal, you ask? They have attained a vast amount of media attention (sure, mostly in the “enviro-blogosphere,” but many mainstream folks have swallowed this whole as well, thanks to the PR folks at UC-Davis and that font of anti-chemical nonsense, Environmental Health Perspectives). This poor excuse for a scientific study lacks only a few of the sine qua nons required for even an association linkage. No actual measurements of pesticide exposure were conducted, given that the data was collected retrospectively: there could have been no actual measurement of pesticide exposure — and there was none. Read more.


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