Pesticides and Public Health

news_views_icon“Pesticides and Health: What You Need to Know,” By IFIC Foundation.boy_eat_apple
“Pesticide” can be an ominous sounding word to the average consumer. The suffix “cide,” which comes from Latin cidere meaning “to kill,” has its roots in Shakespearean literature (“Beware the ides of March.”) But in today’s modern world, it has very little to do with Shakespeare. Pesticides have come under scrutiny by some groups and individuals expressing concerns about everything from food safety to nutritional quality to children’s health. However, the facts about pesticides and how they are used safely in food production often are not in the headlines. Instead, the latest study with the flashiest headline is shared without the context of how it fits in to the overall body of research, or without a proper critique of its methods to determine its credibility. Food Insight addresses the myths and facts and shares what you need to know about pesticide safety, use, and health. Read more.

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