Pesticides Vital to Food Production in India

“Debunking the Myths on Pesticides is Vital to Raise Food Production in India,” By Rajju D Shroff.news_views_iconsoybeans_
It is an unsupported claim commonly accepted that all pesticides are unsafe, both for crops and human health. In recent years, studies have highlighted the toxic effects of pesticides, especially in the long run. Most attacks have come from selfacclaimed environmentalists and some environmental NGOs, without enough research to even corroborate their findings. A major concern put forth by such lobbyists, without scientific evidence, is that pesticide residues cause cancer, but no link has been established. In India, a fact-finding document by the Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI), a forum advocating crop protection and harvest for Indian farmers, and a pesticide company exposed the myth. Read more.

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