Phony Phthalates Scare

acshlogo“What Started the Phony Phthalates Scare? Utterly Inept Science, by American Council on Science and Health.”ACSHVideo
Phthalates, a group of ubiquitous chemicals that are perennial darlings of the anti-chemical movement, have been accused of being responsible for just about everything from birth defects to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Well, now they may be going onto California’s chemical wastebasket called “Proposition 65”, ostensibly a list of chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. The list itself is mostly a joke, as pointed out by ACSH’s Dr. Josh Bloom in his 2012 op-ed called Proposition Preposterous. It includes a host of perfectly safe, common drugs, foods and chemicals that are consumed every day. Read more at

Watch the ACSH Video:

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