Plastics Alarmism

news_views_icon“Calling TIME Out on Plastic Alarmism,” By The Center for Accountability in Science Team.bpa_free_plastic_food_storage_container_150
There’s no shortage of news reports and websites with scary messages about chemicals, but two articles this week caught our attention. First, TIME magazine engaged in a bit of click-baiting this week with a health article warning about common plastics: “That Plastic Container You Microwave In Could Be Super-Toxic.” Next, an article at the Philadelphia Inquirer’s website, although written by two Ph.D.’s, adds to misinformation. It is generally accepted by dietitians that an unhealthy lifestyle, namely overconsumption of calories and/or inactivity, leads to weight gain. The authors, however, posit that chemicals may be making us fat. Specifically, they point to BPA and phthalates, which they call endocrine disruptors, and warn people to ditch plastic containers and non-stick pans. Let’s separate fact from fiction. Read more.

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