Popcorn Chemical Scare

acshlogo“Chemicals In Your Popcorn? asks the Times’ Kristof. Yes, There Are,” By American Council on Science and Health.popcorn
We have often taken note of the Times’ columnist Nicholas Kristof’s rants expressing his concerns about various chemicals and substances he fears in his (and our) everyday environment. Here are some of the issues with which he and we have disagreed over the past 2-3 years … He has expressed his deep concerns about the usual paranoid, chemophobia targets: endocrine disruptors, BPA (he avoids toxic cash register receipts), flame retardants (he will no longer sit on his couch) — among other fears (which we find even more astounding considering he travels the world to the most impoverished areas in his quest to help the unprivileged and oppressed, often women and children, seeming fearless of actual threats such as cholera and malaria). Read more.



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