Precautionary Politics Attack Plastics, Medical Devices

acshlogo“European Descent into Dark Age Ignorance Continues Apace,” by American Council on Science and Health.nih_medical_img
When the EU adopted the anti-science “precautionary principle” as its guiding paradigm a decade or more ago, we don’t think anyone (except perhaps its anti-progress advocates) had any idea how low the regulatory process would stoop in service of its ideology. This misguided concept asserts that any process or substance which has not been “proven safe” should be restricted or banned out of an excess of precaution, until such time as such proof can be obtained. The fact that “proving a negative” is impossible and unscientific is not taken into account, nor is the fact that if the principle is stringently applied, essentially all progress must come to a screeching halt. Read the full article and view the video on the American Council on Science and Health website.

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