Prohibited Substances in Organic Food

news_views_icon“Does Organic Food Contain Prohibited Substances? USDA Says Many Do,” By American Council on Science and Health.organic_label
While organic crops supposedly aren’t treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, a recent report suggests that isn’t always true. The author cites a 2012 USDA study that found while few of the nearly 600 sample studied for synthetic pesticides had levels that exceeded the EPA/USDA safety levels, many had such ‘contamination’ below those levels. When they were added up, over 40 percent of the samples had at least traces of synthetic pesticides. While this means nothing for health or safety, it does mean that those touting the supposed ‘purity’ of organic foods are leading their followers astray. How does this happen? Is it fraudulent practices by farmers, or is it drift from nearby non-organic fields? Read more.

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