Prop 65: Lawyers’ Pilfering of Small Businesses

news_views_icon“Prop. 65 a Burden on Small Businesses, Bonanza for Lawyers,” By Jospeh Perrone.disney_prop65
California’s chemical labeling law, Proposition 65, has long been criticized for costing businesses millions in frivolous lawsuits without doing much to improve public health. Gov. Jerry Brown signed modest reforms into the law in 2013. But instead of helping curb these out-of-control lawsuits, newly released figures show the amount of money paid by businesses last year to settle Prop. 65 lawsuits actually increased by 68 percent from 2013. Passed by voters nearly three decades ago, Prop. 65’s intent was to lower Californians’ exposure to chemicals that may cause cancer or reproductive harm by requiring businesses to label products containing these substances. As of today, the state has a list of over 800 substances that require warnings. Yet, as a wide-ranging study by Cal Poly University professor Michael Marlow finds, “public health has not demonstrably improved because of Prop. 65.” Read more.

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