Questionable Study on Organic Food

news_views_icon“Study Funded by Organic Ideologues Finds Organic Benefits,” By Center for Consumer Freedom.organic_label_apple
A new review funded by the U.K.-based organic farming group Sheepdrove Trust reported in the British Journal of Nutrition that organic crops are healthier than the non-organic variety. It’s a convenient finding for the Trust’s stable-mate, Sheepdrove Organic Farm, which will happily sell Britons any number of organic food products they produce. The group is elated by conclusions of the report it paid for, exclaiming: “At Sheepdrove we always knew our food was healthier because of the way we produce it, and now we have the science to back us up!” That will enthrall one of the study’s editor-reviewers, organic ideologue Peter Melchett (who once said the organic-food movement has to “go on feelings” rather than science). This study has “Big Organic” written on it from front to back. Snark aside, the funding of a study shouldn’t automatically disqualify the results. Read more.

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