Questions for EWG

news_views_icon“A ‘Half Dozen’ Questions for EWG,” by question_150
As they have for the last 20 years, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released its “dirty dozen” list today which inaccurately disparages many of the most popular fruits and vegetables. To correct and counter the misinformation promoted by EWG, the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) provides science-based information to consumers which clearly show the safety of these popular fruits and veggies and the nutritional benefits of eating more – conventional and organic. The AFF also repeatedly addresses the lack of science and conflicting information inherent in EWG’s “dirty dozen” list, which are numerous and concerning. So, today, the AFF brings a few of these to the forefront again with a partial list or a “half dozen”questions for EWG.  Read more.

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