Reducing Food Waste with BPA

news_views_icon“Reducing Food Waste in Europe – BPA’s Contribution,” by BPA Coalition.soup
According to a new study carried out by scientists from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Europeans waste an average of 123 kg of food per capita annually, or 16% of all food reaching consumers. In total, this would mean 47 million tons of food waste annually. Though there are many ways to better preserve and utilise food, packaging and canning food is one principle methods. Effective canning requires the use of BPA-based epoxy resins to ensure the safety and longevity of canned goods. Since the 1950s, food manufacturers have turned to Bisphenol-A (BPA)-based epoxy resins as their food contact material of choice. So far, epoxy resins have been by far the most successful material in achieving both safety and maintaining the food’s freshness and, of course, taste. Read more.

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