“Safe” Chemicals Act

“Jessica Alba, Please Don’t Be a Crony,” by Hadley Heath.
Jessica Alba – do they come any hotter? She’s a beautiful woman, a mother of two, and a businesswoman. Self Magazine just made her their “Women Doing Good Honoree” and praised her lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. Alba is standing up for safe homes, asking Congress to restrict the amount of certain chemicals that can be in household goods and products. So what’s not to love? Well, the legislation that Alba supports, the “Safe Chemicals Act,” while it sounds like a good thing, will come with some less than wonderful side effects… like more paperwork, an inverted burden of proof, and higher costs. That’s right, manufacturers will be forced to file paperwork, proving their innocence (instead of the traditional American “innocent until proven guilty”)…Read the full article on the IWF Blog.

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