Scaremongering and Nonsense on Glyphosate

news_views_icon“Breaking Down Bullshit: How Clever Activists Make You Afraid!,” By The Risk-Monger. In my last blog I stated how the organic industry lobby openly lies, spreads fear and attacks its competition – all activities that any organisation or company with an ethical code of conduct would forbid. I’d like to demonstrate how one organic lobbying organisation, USRTK, desperately needs such a code (… and a lot of integrity). As I have had quite a few personal attacks this week from people who take themselves far too seriously, I decided to take a closer look at US Right to Know (as Gary Ruskin got his team to get quite up-close and personal in my private life … pity he couldn’t find anything I did not declare on my blogsite). I found their recent article against glyphosate to be full of lies, scaremongering and nonsense, but written in such a clever fear-driven manner by an experienced hack that I thought I should have some fun and infuse the author’s intended fear with a few facts and observations. Read More.

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