Scaremongering, BPA, and the New York Times

acshlogo“Canned Threat to Women’s Health: Teal Threat is Needless Anxiety via The Times,” By American Council on Science and Health.worry
One of the N.Y.Times’ stable of scaremongers regarding common chemicals in the environment unleashed another toxic tirade last week. Hijacking Tara Parker-Pope’s “Well” column, as she is allowed to do every so often, Deborah Blum — whose expertise is in science writing, as distinct from actual science — used her “Poison Pen” space to attack BPA (bisphenol-A). She should be given credit for courage at least, since this chemical has resisted fringe-activist attacks from many quarters of the greenosphere for a couple of decades now, and Ms. Blum’s puerile nonsense can be added to the list. Read more.

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