School Kids Suffer from Anti-Pesticide Policies

IWF_Logo2“Consequences of Misguided No-Pesticides-in-Schools Law,” By Angela Logomasini.dead_grass150
Connecticut lawmakers are considering granting schools an exemption to a dumb state law that bans the use of synthetic pesticides on school properties. WNPRNEWS reports: “For years, towns like Cheshire and Branford have been pesticide-free, treating their municipal fields with only organic products. But some school officials argue if groundskeepers can’t use certain EPA-approved synthetic fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides (which are banned under current state law), they can’t keep fields safe for play or control certain pests. And one pest has become a particular concern: grubs, which tear up fields and attract birds.” This is yet another example of the adverse effects of misguided laws that ban chemical technologies without considering why these products exist in the first place. Read more.

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