Science Not Politics to Help Honeybees

news_views_icon“Beekeepers/Farmers Need Answers, not Giant Inflatable Bees,” By Elton Robinson.honeybee_150
Protestors insisted that Loews remove neonicotinoid insecticides from its shelves. But the protestors once again cited poorly-constructed research about the insecticide’s role in bee health. Last month, members of group called, sporting a giant inflatable bee, organized a protest at a Lowe’s shareholder meeting, insisting that the corporation “remove bee-killing neonicotinoid insecticides from its shelves.” In a news release, the group cited a Harvard study released last month which “strengthens the link between neonicotinoids and the collapse of honeybee colonies.” Many news organizations reported on the Harvard study, but few were compelled to challenge findings from such a prestigious institution. Except for Randy Oliver, who has a Web site called Read more.

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