Science Terms

Will these chemicals make me fat? That sounds like a weird question, but some consumers may actually have such worries, thanks to a constant barrage of news headlines suggesting that synthetic chemicals—an even some naturally occurring ones—are responsible for nearly every public health problem imaginable.

This website and CEI‘s A Consumers Guide to Chemical Risk:  Deciphering the “Science” Behind Chemical Scares booklet are designed reduce both the confusion and fear about chemicals.  It provides consumers with some insights on the science and the politics behind the headlines. The science terms provided below offer an easy-to-understand, quick-reference guide to help consumers better recognize the difference between sound science and junk science.

Clinical Studies
Cohort Studies
Case-Control Studies
Ecological Studies
Relative Risk
Statistical Significance
Random Samples
Data Mining
Sample Size
Confounding Factors
Recall Bias
Researcher Bias
Rodent Studies
Exposure: The Dose Makes the Poison
Peer Review
Weight of the Evidence

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