Statistical Shenanigans: JAMA “Study” on Phthalates

acshlogo“Results First, “Study” Later: JAMA Dredges up More Junk against Phthalates,” by American Council on Science and Health.shampo-150
An article published in today’s JAMA Pediatrics purports to link premature birth to exposure to the group of chemicals known as phthalates. These are plastic softeners-plasticizers, and are also found in numerous household products and cosmetics and shampoos. In fact, this so-called study is a typical product of those researchers whose goals are — rather than the advancement of science, knowledge, or public health — to advance their own agendas and careers by propelling the anti-chemical bandwagon to which they have attached their stars. Despite all the self-expressed plaudits with words such as “elegant,” “robust,” and “solidifies,” anyone with an inkling of insight into valid epidemiological methods will smell a rat almost immediately. Read more at

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