Toxic Chrismas Decorations?

acshlogo“Watchdog” Group Warns about “Toxic” Christmas Decorations. Ignore Their Barking,” by American Council on Science and Health.christmas_boxes_present_gift
Where would one normally expect to find such a sensational story: What could be worse than getting a bag of coal for Christmas? A bag full of toxic chemicals, health groups say. A new report from finds toxic chemicals in many of the popular Christmas decorations like Santa Clause [sic] hats, Christmas lights, stockings, and wreaths that were tested. We here at ACSH would expect such alarmist drivel from many an urban tabloid, and of course from numerous “news” media devoted to spreading the “green-enviro” gospel of cleansing the earth of every measurable chemical, no matter how benign, no matter how expensive the cleansing might be. Read more.

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