University Level Anti-Chemical Scare Power

news_views_icon‘Monsters University’ is Real — I Work There, By Anonymous.fear
What if those scary Halloween monsters … were real? That’s the premise of the movie “Monsters, Inc,” where the monsters work year-round. And they don’t just extort candy. Their entire world runs on “Scream Power” — let’s simply call it “Scare Power” — and harvesting it is even more productive than fracking. We see in the more recent “Monsters University” that “it takes a University” to make the Scare Power industry work. The heart of Monsters U. is its famous School of Scaring. All the elite students aspire to learn the art of being a great scarer. Those who succeed will become the celebrity leaders of monster society. But remove the fearsome tentacles, horns and claws, and it becomes clear that Monsters U. is more familiar than it seems. In fact, for years I’ve been working there. Read more.

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