Unwarranted Fear About Breast Implant Chemicals

acshlogo“Crystal Hefner’s Decision Was Based on Bad Science,” By Jack Fisher.Black and white close up of a frightened astonished woman with w
It is all over the news that Crystal Hefner, wife of Playboy entrepreneur Hugh Hefner, elected to have her breast implants removed because she believed that they “were slowly poisoning her.” Science is not on her side. Not even close. Breast implantation is a reversible process. If the devices are no longer providing benefit, if they become a source of worry or fear, or for whatever reason, they can be removed, ideally by an experienced surgeon working in an approved facility. An image of Ms. Heffner recovering suggests that she did just that. But the important question is this: What is the source of information that drove her to this level of concern? If she has based her decision on the unsubstantiated belief that silicone polymers are toxic to humans, then her worry and fear is unwarranted. Read more.

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