USA Today’s Alarmist Junk Science on BPA

news_views_icon“USA Today Spins Breast Cancer Scare Out Of Retracted Study Claim As New EPA Study Dismisses Risk,” by Trevor Butterworth.usa_today_BPA_video
USA Today reporter Liz Szabo has long rung the alarm bells on bisphenol A (BPA), devoting an entire full page article to promoting the repeatedly discredited claims of University of Missouri researcher Frederick vom Saal. Now, she has turned to vom Saal’s longtime collaborator, University of Tufts researcher Ana Soto to advance the claim BPA increased the risk of mammary cancers in rats and therefore might pose a risk to humans. The rub – as I reported recently here on Forbes – is that Soto and her co-authors were forced to walk back this claim by the journal that published the study because the statistical data showed no such risk. Read the full article at

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