USDA Data Shows Pesticide Residue Insignificant

news_views_icon“Our Farmers Get An A+ For Low Pesticide Residues,” By Steve Savage.boy_eating_fruit
Last week, the USDA released its annual Pesticide Data Program (PDP) report about pesticide residues on food. This release comes from extensive sampling of crops entering the market during 2012. Here is the official summary statement from the USDA: “The Pesticide Data Program provides reliable data through rigorous sampling that helps assure consumers that the produce they feed their families is safe.” And the official statement from the EPA: “The newest data from the PDP program confirm that pesticide residues in food do not pose a safety concern for Americans.” For the agricultural community, particularly those involved in the production of fruits and vegetables, this USDA program is sort of a report card – like a grade to you get for a “group project” of epic proportions. Read more.

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