Farmers Detail Farming Practices and Safe Use of Pesticides

"Farmer Videos Show Food Safety Commitment," by SafeFruitsand The AFF has recently reposted on our Facebook page the videos of farmers describing how they control pests and diseases on their organic and conventional fruit and vegetable farms. These videos clearly show the scientific and technical knowledge that goes into making each and every pest and disease control decision. The reposting of the videos is in response to increasing consumer questions and comments about how and why … [Read more...]

Phony Phthalates Scare

"What Started the Phony Phthalates Scare? Utterly Inept Science, by American Council on Science and Health." Phthalates, a group of ubiquitous chemicals that are perennial darlings of the anti-chemical movement, have been accused of being responsible for just about everything from birth defects to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Well, now they may be going onto California’s chemical wastebasket called “Proposition 65”, ostensibly a list of chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive … [Read more...]

IWF’s Julie Gunlock Tackles Chemcial issues on FOX’s “Stossel”

The Independent Women's Forum's Senior Fellow, Julie Gunlock takes on hype related to Bisphenol A and chemicals in general on FOX Business Network's "Stossel." Gunlock outlines why smart moms like her need not fall for the false claims and alarmism related to trace chemicals in consumer products. … [Read more...]

Simpleton’s Guide to Carson

CEI's Richard Morrison tells the story of DDT and Malaria on YouTube in one of his periodic vodcasts. Check it out:   … [Read more...]

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