What’s More “Dangerous”: Soybeans or Plastics?

IWF_Logo2“Green Hype About Plastics Suggests We Ban Soybeans,” Angela Logomasini.soybeans150
Environmental activists are relentless. No matter how bad their science or how weak their claims, they make much ado about nothing using creative spin. The latest attack on bisphenol (BPA) and other chemicals found in plastics offers the perfect example. This attack appeared in Mother Jones magazine as an “exposé” about dangerous chemicals in plastics, titled: “The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics.” Supposedly, this “investigative” piece uncovers a “dirty” secret: BPA Free products are not really safe, manufacturers know this fact, and they are trying to hide it using a “tobacco-styled” campaign! Gasp! Truth be told, there is no “new” information in this piece and frankly, no story to tell. Read more.

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