Worst Science Websites

news_views_icon“The Worst Websites for Science in 2016,”By Ross Pomeroy.bigstock-Reality-Check-Ahead-275px
Two weeks ago, we revealed our picks for the top science websites of 2016. Whether you seek quality coverage of the latest discoveries, have questions about the validity of the latest fads or diets, or are simply looking for a place to sate your burning curiosity, you can count on those outlets to deliver solid, evidence-based content. We cannot say the same for the organizations we’ll be mentioning today. The Internet is full of misleading, incorrect, or even blatantly fake information. While optimistic futurists once hailed the Internet as an egalitarian source of knowledge – information for all – it has instead proven to be an equally powerful source of misinformation. The following websites are some of the worst contributors to this disconcerting trend. Read more.


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